Pennzoil 550046126 Synthetic Motor Oil Review

Pennzoil 550046126 Synthetic Motor Oil Review

This is a 5W-30 high-quality, full synthetic motor oil, from the leading motor oil brand Pennzoil. Specially formulated using the patented Pure Plus technology, this engine oil is all about giving you a clean engine that has no impurities or sludge.

About The Product

Pennzoil synthetic oil is manufactured using patented Pure Plus technology, which means it is refined to make sure there are absolutely no kinds of impurities left behind, making it the cleanest synthetic oil in the market.

Pennzoil 550046126 Synthetic Motor Oil Opened

Not only does this make it super effective at cleaning your engine, it also means that there is zero potential for any deposits to form because of the oil itself. Some notable features:

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    Model number: 550046126
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    Packaging quantity: 5 quarts
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    Item weight: 9.8 pounds
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    Product dimensions: 12.4 x 8.1 x 4.2 inches
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    Zero Impurities

Superior Cleaning

Pennzoil Platinum synthetic oil gives your engine long-lasting protection, making it your engine is less prone to damage from build-up, stubborn sludge deposits, and friction. It keeps all of your engine’s necessary components clean and damage-free.

With its unique formula, which consists of superior active cleansing detergents, it manages to keep your engine nearly 40% cleaner than current industry standards. In short, this engine oil continuously and consistently attacks potential and stubborn deposits to help keep vital engine parts clean.

Better Wear Protection

Not only is Pennzoil synthetic oil compliant with industry standards of quality (it is graded and approved by API standards, as well as ILSAC GF-5), it has also exceeded some of them in the past. Together, this leaves little doubt about its ability to leave your engine clean and in top-condition, even with thousands of miles on the road.

Resistance To Varying Temperatures

This oil helps your engine start faster, even in colder temperatures, which reduces the risk of damage to the engine because of ‘seizing’ (where there is sudden friction in the engine’s parts because the engine has started moving but there isn’t enough lubrication).

On the other hand, it also has a high tolerance for the heat from your engine –an important factor to consider since engines like turbocharger engines often run at high heat because of the high performance they offer. This makes it a good fit for most modern vehicles, as well as for varied driving styles and even really cold weather.

What We Liked

  • 40% cleaner combustion than other oils in the market
  • Unique, patented formula that has zero impurities
  • Enhanced anti-friction properties
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    Improved resistance to sludge and deposit build-up
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    Suitable for varied driving conditions and styles

What We Didn’t Like

  • Priced higher than other oils in the same segment
  • Poor packaging – oil tends to leak out sometimes
  • Not enough proof of improved mileage or fuel economy

What Others Say

There are mixed reactions to this product, with most users finding a lot of things to like about it, along with one or two places where they thought this oil could have been even better.

Pennzoil 550046126 Synthetic Motor Oil Back Side

To begin with, there are the usual measures for choosing a synthetic oil – Pennzoil synthetic motor oil seems to be great at providing the engine with superior protection from damage of all kinds, especially the kind caused by residual deposits and sludge.

Unless you’re using your vehicle for exceptionally extreme driving or racing, this oil does a decent job in terms of viscosity and keeping the engine well-lubricated.

It also seems to be doing a great job in terms of extending the oil change intervals on your vehicle – users reported that using this oil along with a high-quality engine filter was a durable combination that reduced the frequency of oil change, providing adequate protection up to 10,000 miles.

Some users found that the cleaning properties of this oil are so effective, that despite constantly dissolving the sludge in the engine, it doesn’t lead to the formation of tarry, sticky residue during an oil change.

In addition, it leaves your dipstick cleaner, and without any signs of sludge, like a brown tinge. There are also fewer leaks, and a significant reduction in the noise the engine makes while starting up.

While all of this is true, this oil also seemed to give users a thing or two to complain about – the first being the fact that there is no proven increase in mileage for all users, as opposed to some oils that guarantee it. Secondly, for an oil that is expensive as compared to others in the segment, you’d want more than just basic protection, and also zero complaints.

The third complaint, from a minority of users on Amazon indicated faulty packaging of the 5-quart containers that this oil comes in, causing spillage and leaking, reducing actual quantity that was eventually usable by the customer.

The Verdict

There are definitely some hits and misses with Pennzoil’s synthetic oils – for one, it does look like it does its job well, even though it might not guarantee you 10,000+ miles between drain intervals.

It keeps your engine squeaky clean, free of deposits and sludge, and makes sure there is as little friction as possible between your engine’s components, giving you an engine that runs at peak performance all throughout.  

What’s more, you will definitely end up saving some money since your engine’s moving parts will all be damage and corrosion free, and good as new even after years of use.

Pennzoil 550046126 Synthetic Motor Oil


If you think this focus on cleanliness is what you need for your engine, or if you have an older engine that is prone to sludge formation, then maybe this is a good, but definitely expensive choice for you at over $35.

Overall, a decent but overpriced engine oil – you might want to see if other oils in the same segment offer you the same quality of superior engine protection for much lesser, because you’d definitely want your engine oil to at least guarantee you better mileage and improved fuel economy if you’re paying nearly $10 more for it as compared to other brands.

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