Mobil 1 120764 Synthetic Motor Oil Review

Mobil 1 120764 Synthetic Motor Oil Review

This 5w-30 viscosity,  full synthetic oil from Mobil 1 is a product from a brand that is a long-standing leader in the engine oil market. With its reliable range of single and multi-viscosity oils, Mobil 1 is a favorite of automobile owners and those in the automobile maintenance business as well.

This engine oil is market-tested and approved by various quality standards and specifications, and is ranked particularly high in terms of the superior engine protection it gives.

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It is also the oil of choice for many modern vehicles, including high-performance ones such as SUVs and light vans with turbo-charged, supercharged gasoline and diesel multi-valve fuel injected engines.

About The Product

This engine oil comes packed with some unique features, all thanks to its advanced, full synthetic formula, which protects your engine in every way possible.

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    Packaging quantity: 5 quarts
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    Item weight: 9.35 pounds
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    Product dimensions: 12.5 x 8.1 x 4.5 inches
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    Item weight: 9.2 pounds
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    Product dimensions: 7.8 x 12.3 x 4.3 inches

Exceptional Protection Against Wear And Tear

Mobil 1’s 5W-30 synthetic oil works in multiple ways to ensure your engine is protected against all kinds of damage. Its enhanced anti-frictional properties significantly bring down contact between your engine’s parts, reducing friction and resulting wear. This gives your engine longer life, and that too in top condition.

This also leaves you with a quieter, noise-free engine that does not give you trouble starting up, even on cold mornings, or after your car has been left without being driven for some time.

Superior Viscosity

Another feature of this engine oil which goes a long way in making it the excellent product it is, is its viscosity. This means that on one hand, this oil flows through your engine effectively and consistently, lubricating each part as it flows along.

On the other hand, it also breaks down under heat in a manner that causes minimal sludge buildup. This means you don’t have to deal with an engine that is clogged with oil deposits, making changing your car’s oil much easier and mess-free.

Suitable For Harsh Temperatures

Mobil 1’s full synthetic, 5W-30 oil gives your car’s engine optimum protection against damage from temperatures that are too low or too high. It comes with high resistance to your engine’s soaring temperatures, reducing oxidation as well as oxide deposits on your engine.

In colder weather, this oil prevents damage due to engine seizing - a common problem when you start your car in the cold but the oil takes time to flow through the engine. This oil’s unique formula gives it a quick-cold weather start, which means your engine won’t seize or get damaged due to friction in the absence of oil.

Compliant With Industry Standards

This is a reliable product not just because it is from a trusted brand, but because like all other engine oils from Mobil 1, this oil too undergoes a series of rigorous quality checks.

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Not only is it compatible with API (American Petroleum Institute) standards and as well as the demanding ILSAC GF-5 performance measure, it is also Dexos1 approved by General Motors - an indicator that it goes far beyond just meeting industry standards of quality.

What We Liked

  • Optimum fuel economy, more intervals between oil changes
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    Prevents sludge build-up because of deposits and residue from combustion
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    High resistance to heat minimises oil breakdown and prevents oxidation
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    Effective cold-weather start prevents engine seizing and ensures quick start even at low temperatures
  • Gives your engine peak performance all throughout the recommended oil change interval
  • Suited for varied driving styles and weather conditions
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    A quieter engine that works at peak performance
  • plus-circle
    Competitively priced

What We Didn’t Like

None at all.

What Others Say

Regular users of the Mobil 1 120764 Synthetic Motor Oil have a lot to love about this product, starting with the quality of protection it offers right from the first use, to the impact it has on engine parts after months and years of repeated use.

A lot of users living in colder weather found that their vehicles were not only starting faster, but also making lesser noise while doing so, resulting in a smoother engine experience.

Not only this, there was also a significant jump in the mileage they got out of their vehicles, as much as 100,000 miles on a 10-year-old engine that has run on Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil all its life - need one say more about why this is easily the best motor oil currently available in the market?

This oil is also a great investment - first of all, it costs you a fraction of what premium oils offering you the same benefits do, plus it runs longer between oil changes, which means you need to change your oil less frequently, and certainly not at the 3K rule.

The other way you end up saving a lot more money with this oil is thanks to its improved fuel economy, and the fact that it keeps your engine parts in top-condition, making them look almost new even after 5 or more years of driving your vehicle.

The Verdict

Overall, this is the best 5W-30, full synthetic engine oil you can currently find in the market. At just a little over $25, it is a great buy, giving you the same high-quality engine protection than most premium engine oils that are all priced above $30 at the lowest.

Mobil 1 120764 Synthetic Motor Oil


Whether it is sludge buildup, friction, or damage from heat or extreme cold, this product takes care of them all. At the same time, it extends the life of your engine and its parts by minimising stress on all its components, be it while starting the car or driving long distances.

 If you’re someone looking for the best engine oil they can use in their car, this is the one and only choice you should be making - there’s absolutely nothing not to love about it. You’ll be glad you picked Mobil 1 - it’ll give you the very best you can get out of your car, be it speed, performance or mileage.

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